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Telegram Integrates Toncoin (TON) Payments: Price Impact

Telegram recently unveiled a new payment feature using Toncoin (TON), creating a buzz among community members. This move includes a rewarding system for channel owners, enhancing the monetization of the platform.

With the ability to purchase ads using Toncoin, Telegram is stepping into a novel integration of digital currency and advertising.

How Telegram Facilitates Monetization Through Toncoin

Channel owners on Telegram are now eligible to earn 50% of the revenue from advertisements shown in their channels. This initiative capitalizes on Telegram’s extensive user engagement, with channels accumulating over one trillion views monthly.

Public channels with at least 1,000 subscribers will benefit from this monetization scheme, signaling a significant shift in content creator revenue generation.

The adoption of TON-based advertisements marks a crucial development. Telegram claims that it chose the TON blockchain, due to its efficiency and speed, facilitating a seamless ad purchase process.

“Anyone can now promote their bot or channel – with budgets as low as a handful of Toncoins. When creating a Telegram ad, you choose the exact channels where you’d like it to appear, so you have full control over their context,” Telegram explained.

Following the announcement, Toncoin’s value experienced a notable increase, rising by 7% on Sunday. However, the surge was temporary, as a 6% decline occurred on Monday. This volatility reflects the market’s initial reaction to Telegram’s integration of Toncoin and its broader implications.

Toncoin ranked as the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, demonstrated price volatility. After hitting an all-time high in March, TON is consolidating between $5.50 and $4.77. A breakout above $5.50 with strong volume could indicate a continuation of the uptrend.

Toncoin (TON) Price Performance
Toncoin (TON) Price Performance. Source: TradingView

Toncoin’s market dynamics became a focal point after Telegram announced a $330 million bond sale, which garnered significant investor interest.

The bond sale, described by CEO Pavel Durov as a milestone for Telegram, attracted global funds and showcased favorable financial terms. This event has put the spotlight on the potential impact of Telegram’s financial strategies on Toncoin’s market performance.

Meanwhile, Telegram faced a setback in the Spain market. On March 24, BeInCrypto reported that Spain ordered a temporary suspension of Telegram after copyright complaints.

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In conclusion, Telegram’s integration of Toncoin for advertisement purchases and revenue sharing among channel owners marks an innovative step toward monetization on the platform. The use of the TON blockchain for efficiency and speed in ad purchasing reflects Telegram’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience. Despite initial market volatility following the announcement, Toncoin’s value experienced fluctuations, highlighting the impact of Telegram’s financial strategies. The $330 million bond sale by Telegram and its implications on Toncoin’s market dynamics further showcase the potential ripple effects of the platform’s decisions. Overall, Telegram’s foray into monetization through Toncoin signifies a significant shift in content creator revenue generation.

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